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Khas has now become an iconic brand of Pakistan's leading fashion industry which is tremendously growing day by day. The 21st century undoubtedly is a blend of tradition and contemporary fashion that is why Khas always keeps its focus to maintain the standard of every woman and girl from all ages who wants to go out with a different semblance. It's every new volume does not only contains a novelty in its designs but also carries exclusive adornments which give more glitz and extremely appealing to these outfits. Khas has mainly emphasized uplifting the legacy by adopting new patterns especially when people talk about the symbol. Today we will share some of the women's collection with you.

Everyone is always conscious about his or her clothing selection in winter. In particular when it comes to the matter of womanly apparel. She always is looking for an impeccable collection that may fill the need of the hour without affecting the cold of the season and doesn’t go down her personality trait.

Winter Vol IV  of Khas, uplifting the eastern attire image by presenting KARANDI stuff. Elegant variety of wearing that never let to dim the shine of your character because Khas's motto is “as real as clear”.


KHADDAR COLLECTION  by Khas redefines your winter style. A classy mélange of tempting prints on luxe warm fabric, calls such a stunning collection that all you need to unveil your unparalleled allure. Find a regal charm with JUNGLE TREAK  printed khaddar ensemble dress in black hues.

Deep tones of red by the name of VERMILION SWAG  encapsulated in a gorgeous design for a glamorous winter look.

A collection was evocative of a time when life was so simpler, meaningful, and elegant but now we all are crazy to adopt a new style in a different pattern. SURAMYA LUXURY PRET  is a true depiction of our culture and aesthetics, blended together with stylish cuts and sensibilities. It's truly perfect for the sartorial risk-taker. You will say that here sophistication is at its peak in iconic wardrobe staples.

Attire selection change with the variation of season. The mid-season look is incomplete without chiffon fabric. Khas Luxury Chiffon  indeed a perfect silhouette assortment where you can pick your desired outfit to go out for an evening party. ANARKALI EMBROIDERED NET, JAHANARA EMBROIDERED CHIFFON, AISAN DAULAT BEGUM EMBROIDERED CHIFFON, GULDABAN EMBROIDERED CHIFFON, and much more are available to balance the elegancy and embellishment with sophistication to give you a perfect gaze.

Enough to drool now. It’s time for something to do now. There must be something striking when another notices your dress. Modish pattern and a combination of classy colors with seamless fits translate your story. LAWN  assemblage by KHAS is a visual appearance of a bold and beautiful catalog of the Summer season. WILD LIFE  jumps and urges the spark of your emotions. You will definitely say that there is something that I want.

We have tried to give you a short look at our store. KHAS tale never ends but to be continued

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