At Khas, selection about an outfit for a female never comes to ends on a ceremonial dress or casual pret. Another essential section of a wardrobe is loungewear so how can you forget to add it? The best-highlighted point about loungewear is that it amalgam seamlessly into an existing wardrobe. Today relaxing at home in comfy style is still top urgency for everyone.

 A design to be worn, while staying at home but look smart enough so that a young girl or a lady may feel relaxed at night, on a weekend, or off-duty days, loungewear is the impeccable solution for casual dressing. Let's come and check out the LOUNGEWEAR collection by KHAS.  

 If a mother is looking for something for her younger little lumpy daughter so she may look relax while lay on the couch or move around at home, then she can easily pick up a set of dresses at LOUNGEWEAR – GIRLS. 

 The soothing hue of sky blue depicts your angle’s story. GIRLS SKY BLUE COTTON LOUNGEWEAR is a soft comfortable feel that shows a real laugh of little angle.


GIRLS COTTON LOUNGEWEAR a nut wood pigment dumpy sleeves shirt with dark blue bottom. Treat your kiddy in a fancy mode.


  Peachy, are you richy? The best mode of selection of this pair means your baby girl is getting in on the loungewear fun. Layered outline on top enhance the beauty of GIRLS PEACH COTTON LOUNGEWEAR.



The other chapter continues with the addition of women's loungewear. Whether a lady is fancy treating herself to a luxurious lounge or looking to catch up on affordable separates, at LOUNGEWEAR – LADIES  we’ve set up all the best Pakistani clothes in uk collections around to suit every budget.  

 There’s no superior way to present a young girl’s loungewear look classy than by sporting yellow on black. LADIES LOUNGEWEAR  one is the best choice to wear inside or outside of the home.


Sleepy time starts with the wearing of LADIES LOUNGEWEARGrey marble theme with pink tone in short sleeves can be the first choice of a gorgeous at night. 


The vaguer the better! An endless way of style in black can be adopted by wearing LADIES BLACK LOUNGEWEARThis outfit is not only comfy but cute. If you are planning to go out for a walk, then definitely will love to wear this with joggers.


With this in observance, we've at KHAS assemble the periodic draw of your comfy outfit to give you the right choice for selection.


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